Mental Health Floating Support

What is Floating Support?

R&J Support and Care Services offer housing related floating support. This is a free service funded by Birmingham city council. Housing related floating support is a service offered to people who suffer from mental health illness and have found themselves in difficulties relating to - Housing/Tenancy Benefits Utilities Isolation Job opportunities Training/Education Staying safe Daily living skills Accessing community facilities Here at R&J we are dedicated to service user satisfaction which is why our staff are made up of handpicked individuals that are highly trained, understanding and friendly. Each individual that is chosen to be part of the team has gone through a vigorous and lengthy induction process in which their knowledge is put to the test. We are a tight knit community that work together to ensure the service we deliver is of the highest standard. Service users can expect their support worker to be on time, polite, non-judgmental, knowledgeable and most importantly outcome focused. We will work together with service users, CPN's, Social workers, family members and friends on the path to achieving goals and aspirations.

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What happens once I have completed the form?

we will inform you whether you are within our area of support and if you will be needs assessed or whether you will be placed on a waiting list (please be aware this does not depend on the information you give us on your Referral Form 1(RF1), but our client capacity at the time of referral). We will contact you regarding the completion of your Referral Form 2 (RF2) assessment which will require either a home or community visit depending on your preferences. Once your RF2 has been completed we will inform you whether the service we offer would be beneficial to you or whether you would have greater success with connection from other services. If you qualify for the service a support worker will be allocated and will visit you on a regular basis to guide, advise and encourage you to achieve your goals. Support can last a few months up until a maximum of 2 years, in which time period you should have completely all the goals you aimed to reach when first contacting the service. Please be aware that constant cancellations or 'no show' to appointments may result in you being exited from the program. Before filling in an initial assessment form for either yourself or someone else please read our eligibility criteria to ensure you/they are a suitable candidate to receive this service. When filling in your initial assessment please be as open and honest as you can. We are here to help, not to judge.


Floating Support Referral Form

If you would like to apply for floating support please fill out the form below. Alternately if you have a copy of our referral form and you would like to email it to us please use

Due to new GDRP regulations coming into force on 25th May 2018, you will need to read R&J's Privacy statement before completing an application form for either support or housing. Our Privacy statement can be accessed HERE.

Community Floating Support

Community Floating Support was set up to support clients with mental health problems that require support in order for them to remain living independently in the community. We aim to support service users to maintain their tenancies, build on their life skills, and promote independence and equality in a safe and secure environment. A personal appointed support worker will visit the service user either at home or in the community as much or as little is needed in coalition with your support needs. Each week a service user and their support worker will work towards a target to achieve outcomes.Possible outcomes will be divided into the below sections which derive from a service user’s original support assessment, these are then divided up into smaller more personalised outcomes. They are then broke down into weekly tasks to ensure outcomes can be achieved with a set time frame.We thrive to deliver person centered support that is outcome focused and personalised to the service users’ needs.Support workers and service users will work with five main outcome headings, all more personalised outcomes come under each of these headings. Below we have listed both main and sub outcomes to give you an idea of the types of achievements a service user may want to aim for.


1. Achieve Economic Well being

Support to maintain/understand and comply with a tenancy/mortgage. Advice and support to attain/ maintain utility connections. Are you in debt or need advice to reduce fuel poverty? Do you require support to access government cold weather payments? Do you need support to access home energy insulation services/ Support in accessing employment opportunities. Support in advising and accessing statutory and voluntary agencies in housing and housing-related support. Advising and helping obtain household items. Advice and support to organise repairs or improvements to their home. Budget and or reduce debt and spend according to your income. Support to access welfare benefits. Support to access money advice services to maintain financial independence. Support to pay rent/manage rent arrears. Support to access community care grant/crisis loan Support to be involved with local decision making. Support to be enrolled on the election roll

2. Enjoy & Achieve

Support in overcoming social isolation within accommodation. Advice and guidance on carrying out daily living tasks. Develop life skills. Develop basic numeric and literacy skills. Advice on accessing educational and training opportunities. Support in accessing specialist advice such as Citizens Advice Bureau and advocacy. Support in accessing health, social care and statutory services. Support in accessing contact with military clubs and associations ( foe ex-military personal) Do you need support to access nursery/school placements for a child? Support and advice on traveling to appointments. Support to obtain a concessionary bus pass Providing information on community facilities and location of essential services. Advice and support to move on to appropriate accommodation. Access advice / information / education on Equality and Diversity issues. Accessing Social / cultural / leisure facilities / activities. Do you need support to access ESOL courses/ Do you require support to join your local library Support to deal with environmental surroundings. Example advice and guidance on recycling, advice on refuse collection.

3. Be healthy

Support to assess needs related to coping in the accommodation. Support in managing health and improving well-being. Support to access a G.P/ dentist/opticians/chiropodist. Service. Advice on meal preparation and healthy eating (only occasional eligible). Advice on washing and ironing (only occasional eligible). Advice / information on health and hygiene (including personal health) within your personal environment. Support to manage stress and/or cope with history of abuse. Support to access drug help/advice services Support to access alcohol help/advice services Support to obtain passport to leisure /Be Active

4. Stay safe

Support/mediation to address relationship issues/disputes with neighbors. Do you require support to access support with domestic violence issues? Recognising and dealing with potential hazards to self or others. Including prevention from falls etc. Advice / information / education on hazards within the home (also in relation to child safety were applicable). Advice in relation to pest control Security provision such as locking doors, testing personal and fire alarms, call identification advice on disposing of personal correspondence. Safety Procedures such as fire exits, emergency contacts and gas safety. Do you require support to access the neighborhood watch scheme? Access specialist support services in relation to being victims of crime. (Victim support etc.) Support to comply with statutory orders. Support to address offending and or / anti-social behavior.

5. making a positive contribution

Do you require support to develop confidence; have greater choice / control / involvement? Would you like to become involved with R&J service involvement team? Would you be interested in being involved with voluntary work in your local community?